Who we are:

PDS Blue is the Law Enforcement Training Division of Practical Defense Systems, serving as an interagency law enforcement training organization.  As such, we understand the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies trying to provide the highest quality training for their officers, while facing the requirements of staying on budget.  That’s why PDS Blue is committed to providing law enforcement training that ensures the highest quality, while enhancing cost efficiency.

With that goal in mind, we work closely with learning institutions and law enforcement agencies to develop cost efficient strategies for the management; development; revision; evaluation; and implementation of training programs and materials.

We go beyond the simple development of required courses and materials by: continuously reviewing assigned programs; implementing processes for enhancing training consistency; using integrated training methodologies; consolidating laboratory and practical exercises, implementing Unified Training Principles; continuously researching and assisting in the implementation of new and effective instructional methodologies; and coordinating and balancing the interests of our customers through effective communication, technology, and assistance.

In addition to enhancing cost efficiency and training methodologies, our goal is to keep our training current and relevant to today’s needs. That’s why our instructors are active members of outstanding training organizations, including: the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), The International Association of Chiefs of Police and ASIS International.

PDS Blue instructors have over 100 years of combined experience and include: former SRT (SWAT) Officers; former FTOs (Field Training Officers); former and retired Chiefs of Police; current Fugitive Recovery Agents and experienced E.R. Nurses and E.M.T. Instructors.

Our defensive tactics instructors are martial arts and self-defense experts, with over 45 years combined teaching experience. Lessons are drawn from and tailored to law enforcement, with particular focus on arrest procedures, understanding the use of force, control and compliance techniques,  and maintaining officer safety. The result is a straitforward, no nonsense approach to law enforcement defensive tactics.

PDS Blue instructors are licensed and certified by: the California Department of Justice; California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.); the National Rifle Association; Emergency Equipment Corp (Law Enforcement OC/Pepper Spray), TASER International (TASER ECDs), and ASP (law enforcement baton).